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          Posted By: Drew

          Nvidia have released their latest "unofficial official" graphics drivers - the 81.87 Beta Forceware. The main difference between these and the recent 81.85 drivers is the addition of optimizations/compatibility fixes for Call of Duty 2.




          Posted By: Drew

          Opponent: 505 Parachute Infantry Regiment
          Server: S2tG #2 unless they post otherwise
          Map: CoD_UO_carentan
          Match Date: Wednesday October 26th @ 9:00 PM EST
          S2tG has allies firstSign up on the calendar

          CoD2 Review @IGN


          Posted By: Randall


          8.5 out of 10 because of health management implemetation.

          Match Tonight


          Posted By: Drew

          Opponent: |Terror Squad|
          Server: S2tG #2
          Map: arnhem
          Match Date: Saturday October 22th @ 9:30 PM EST
          S2tG has allies first


          Recent Record

          • TWL : 105 - 43 - 6
          • OGL : 101 - 35 - 16
          • TWL : 105 - 43 - 6